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We realize that many parents do not come from a windsurfing, sailing, or even a boating background.  We are happy to have all join our windsurfing family.  On these pages, you can learn about youth windsurfing, how our program works, get schedules, learn about equipment needed, and how you can be a cool windsurfing parent in our chill sport.


We encourage you to come to the end of the docks and watch your kids sail in at the end of the day (usually we are late, because we are having so much fun).  Join other parents and coaches for a cool aperativo in the evenings after sailing.  Curious about windsurfing races?  Can you hold a flag?  Count? Write numbers? If yes, then volunteer for Race Committee during one our regattas.  Want to understand your kid's sport?  Maybe join us for an adult class.



Your child is is about to do one of the most cool lifetime sports ever.  It's also one of the more difficult sports.  Athleticism, balance, and agility are important, but those skills can be acquired over time doing the sport.  Most import is a positive attitude, patience, and a willingness to persevere.  Technique is more important than strength. 

Windsurfing is an Olympic sport.  It is also a discipline in the Youth Olympics.  The Youth Windsurfing World Championship, hosted by the Techno Class each year, has 300 - 400 competitors from more than 40 nations.  Windsurfing is a worldwide community.

Windsurfers are sailors.  New sailors begin with smaller, less powerful sails, until they have the technique to move onto a bigger, more powerful sails that will allow them to go faster.

Windsurfing has many disciplines - course racing, free-style (tricks), wave riding, foiling, and speed sailing.  Each discipline requires a different type of board and sail.  Because of the wind conditions in Miami, we focus on recreational windsurfing, course racing, and now foiling.